Isometric Views

Unit Plans

Kiara Residency is a blend of 6 thoughtfully designed layouts, optimizing the use of space ..

Type of Units Unit Carpet Area Unit Balcony Area Super Built-Up Area
UNIT-1   73.23 Sq. M.
788.24 Sq. Ft.
 8.27 Sq. M.
89.02 Sq. Ft.
118.17 Sq. M.
1272 Sq. Ft.
UNIT-2 66.99 Sq. M.
721.07 Sq. Ft
  6.76 Sq. M.
72.76 Sq. Ft.
106.56 Sq. M
1147 Sq. Ft.
UNIT-3  66.99 Sq. M.
721.07 Sq. Ft.
6.76 Sq. M.
72.76 Sq. Ft
106.56 Sq. M
1147 Sq. Ft.
UNIT-4 72.41 Sq. M.
779.41 Sq. Ft.
8.37 Sq. M.
90.09 Sq. Ft.
116.78 Sq. M.
1257 Sq. Ft.
UNIT-5 63.29 Sq. M.
681.25 Sq. Ft.
7.28 Sq. M.
78.36 Sq. Ft.
96.53 Sq. M.
1039 Sq. Ft.
UNIT-6   64.29 Sq. M.
692.01 Sq. Ft.
 7.28 Sq. M.
78.36 Sq. Ft.
100.61 Sq. M
1083 Sq. Ft.

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