Amenities help to provide an avenue to foster the sense of togetherness and community. This need can bring people together, whether for work or play. ‘Kiara Residency’ considers, as its responsibility, to provide this environment in a safe, yet fun and exciting way. In today’s emerging generations & onset of wellness, heightened by COVID – 19, amenities are a basic requirement. At ‘Kiara Residency’ we keep asking ourselves, how can we make the gym, clubhouse, outdoors and beyond, better? We are constantly striving for ‘experimental designs’ that takes these and turns them, up a notch, to provide a lifetime experience.

As populations grow and cities become more crowded than ever, public housing has become an increasingly important issue for governments around the world. However, social housing is no longer limited to characterless blocks of concrete. These days, the aim is often to provide low-cost housing to individuals and families who need it – while still affording them the dignity of well-designed and distinctive homes. Such modern public housing projects like ‘Kiara Residency’ frequently incorporate eco-conscious designs and elements, as efficient energy usage tends to be a priority. Naturally air and light ventilated buildings are preferred to lavish but dull surroundings.

For years there has been a battle between residential developers on who can offer the best of the best when it comes to amenities. While the competition is still strong today, many have realized there is a pendulum that swings and what was magnetic to tenants a few years ago, may
not carry the same allure today. Adding more truth to this idea, the changes that 2020 has brought upon our lives has allowed us to recognize the importance of our human condition and evaluate the instinctual needs to strive for providing good design accommodation. Amenities
provide an important tool to recognize this desire.

Connectivity to green spaces, parks, open areas has now become the new norm as many people seek work-life balance with the outdoors walks, creative exercise places, patio places, green areas.

Fitness has assumed paramount importance in these days. Exercising improves immunity and keeps the body in good shape. Designated areas for exercising are essential in the current times.

Club houses serve as an important place for social connectivity and serve as a stress buster. In these unprecedented times, where people are trying to maintain social distancing, the human experience is still a social one. By nature, we crave a sense of togetherness and community.