Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I wish and hope that this newsletter finds you safe and in good health. As I am penning this article, thankfully, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in India seems to have been controlled, as is evident in the reduced number of cases. However, we all need to continue to adopt the
precautionary and safety protocols, to ensure that every imminent and looming third wave is not as horrific as the first two ones.

The work in your ‘Kiara Residency’ project is progressing rapidly. We have completed the structural work for the three towers, the painting, flooring, plumbing and other allied work has already commenced. The main entrance gate has been erected and we have now started working on the amenities of the project. It is the right time for you to visit the site to witness your future home.

In this newsletter, I intend to share some details about the significance of ‘specifications’ in a real estate project. It is very aptly considered to be the kernel of any real estate project. With my extensive experience in this area, I hope not only to share the generic details of ‘specifications’ but also how the ‘Kiara Residency’ project has imbued this important subject.

A ‘specification’ is a written document describing the scope of work, materials to be used, methods of installation, and quality of workmanship for a parcel of work to be placed under contract; usually used in conjunction with working (contract) drawings in building construction. As is clear and relevant in any work we perform, the clearer a description is, the more likely will it be executed precisely.

As MIES VAN DER ROHE has quoted – “God is in the details”.

The ‘Kiara Residency’ project is an embodiment of the time and efforts exerted on delivering the ‘details’ faultlessly and flawlessly. It started from the designing phase wherein the thrust was to design the project, the units and the surrounding area, to deliver to the homeowners, copiousness, affordability, privacy and easy accessibility to substantial open and green spaces. The material used in the construction of the main structure is top-notch and our engineers and project managers are trained to ensure the implementation of quality workmanship.

The finalizing of the ‘internal specifications’ was a laborious job, as it was necessary to ensure that the tastes and preferences of all types of customers are incorporated into the selection of the various fixtures.

The key is to ensure that the best quality fixtures are provided, albeit being mindful of delivering ‘affordable homes’. The internal  specifications include the tiles used in the living/dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balcony and common areas, fittings in the toilet and kitchen, the finishes including the paints used in all the rooms and common areas, the windows, doors and allied fittings, the plumbing related fixtures, electrical fittings, water supply and telecommunications related provisions, lifts/elevators installed etcetera.

All these items are aesthetically selected with an understanding of design sensibilities and deep-rooted values of quality, transparency and commitment. In this newsletter, we will be emphasizing the state-ofthe-art brands selected for our specifications, which are durable and of the best quality.

The success of any project depends upon how efficiently one adapts, upgrades, and implements. In the ‘Kiara Residency’ project, we had initially promised the provision of ‘anti-skid ceramic tiles’ for the kitchen. However, we have now decided to upgrade these tiles and have made a provision for ‘double charged vitrified tiles’, to replace the ‘anti-skid ceramic tiles’ in the kitchen and to replace ‘single charge soluble salts tiles’ in living/ dining. Since our kitchens are based on the concept of open kitchens, the continuation of the double charged vitrified tiles from living/dining to the kitchen ensures a seamless look. I am sure that all our esteemed customers would be more than satisfied with
this change, moreover, these enhanced quality tiles are being provided WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL COST to the esteemed customers.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the customers, employees and the community at large, to make this project a successful one.
Thank You!

Alpana Kirloskar
Chairperson & Managing
Kiara Lifespaces Pvt. Ltd.