Dear friends and colleagues,
I wish and hope that this newsletter finds you safe and in good condition. I also wish and hope that you must have had a cracking Diwali. The Diwali of 2021 has probably been the most anticipated as the one in 2020 was rather subdued because of the outbreak of the global  pandemic.
However, as I am sharing my thoughts with you, a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, named ‘Omicron’ has spread its tentacles across the globe. Researchers opine that this mutated virus has the potential to spread faster than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. Considering this, it is of paramount importance that we continue to follow all the safety precautions, which we started and diligently followed during the surge of the previous pandemic.

The work in your ‘Kiara Residency’ project is progressing rapidly. In this newsletter, I intend to analyze the current status of the construction work and also share with you some initiatives, which have been adopted by Kiara, very recently. It is to the credit of our employees and the contractors (whom we consider as our partners) that we have been able to rapidly make progress in the construction of the behemoth ‘Kiara Residency’ project. This has been achieved despite the various stoppages, directly and indirectly, resulting from the global pandemic.

Some key milestones of the work completed in percentages are as follows:
100% of RCC work is completed, 70% of external plasterwork, 84% of the internal plasterwork, 94% of the block work, 93% of the fixing of door frames, 27% of waterproofing work, and 84% of the fixing of railings.

The fixation of the tiles has just commenced. Another key activity that is worth mentioning is the installation of the lifts/elevators in the structure. It is our endeavor to install the lifts/elevators in the structure by the end of the next month. This will enable our existing and potential customers to reach the top of each of the three structures and view the enchanting surroundings. Ostensibly, this could be one of the singular projects in which the lifts/elevators would be installed during the construction phase, as opposed to other projects wherein the lifts/elevators are installed in the last leg of the project completion phase.

Apart from the construction-related developments, Kiara has initiated various programs and initiatives.

The vaccination drive for the people working on the ‘Kiara Residency’ project, including the labourers, is one such initiative.
Similarly, the plantation of trees in the premises of the project is another initiative that endorses our commitment to creating a clean environment.

In order to serve our customers better, we have tie-ups with the State Bank of India, Canara Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, Axis Bank, and IIFL Home Finance Limited. Those customers who wish to avail of home loans and need assistance or guidance can get in touch with our marketing team. Our marketing team will assist and guide such customers to avail home finance.

In my previous interaction with you, I had sought your approval for the installation of higher/better-quality tiles at nil extra cost to the customers. I wish to thank you for your overwhelming response to this initiative. We have progressed with the installation of the higher/better-quality tiles, based on the consent received from you. I also wish to draw the attention of some of our existing customers who are yet to execute the AFS (Agreement for sale) or BBA (Builder Buyer Agreement). It is in the interest of the customers to ensure that the above agreements are formally executed. I would urge those customers who have not done so to immediately get in touch with our marketing

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the customers, employees and the community at large, to make this project a successful one.

Thank You,
Alpana Kirloskar
Chairperson & Managing Director
Kiara Lifespaces Pvt. Ltd.